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The Twelve Days of Butter – Day 10

May 28, 2014      

Here’s a special interview with the band about the writing music for HBR and the creative DNA of the band.

Today’s song is “Diamonds in the Wind,” a seldom-performed Yates gem.

Here’s what composer Erik Yates has to say about this one:

“This came to me more or less fully formed while driving home from a friend’s place on the coast. I was fairly hung-over. The two of us had gotten together at his little beach shack to write songs, but we’d spent most of our evening beering and howling at the moon. Turns out the evening was a success after all – he & I recorded this track a few months later with the Sleeping Giants and HBR recorded it not long after, with a different time signature.”



She spent the first half of her life

Waiting for something to happen

She spent the second half

Wishing it never had

By the time she walked away

Her hair had traded grey for red

But her eyes shined like diamonds

Her eyes shined like diamonds

Her eyes shined like diamonds in the wind


She said I ain’t goin’ back

To that house anymore

I have covered up my last black eye

I have slammed my last back door

That man can keep his bottle

And all the misery within

And her eyes shined like diamonds . . .


He spent the first half of the year

Waiting for her to come back

He spent the second half

Hoping she never would

He spent a long, cold November

Dreaming of the end

Of those eyes that shined like diamonds . . .


She said I haven’t felt this free

Since I was a girl

There’s nothing left for me to fear

In this God-forsaken world

Hunger tastes just like wine

And even’ dyin’ might be a friend

‘Cause I seen him, and his eyes shine like diamonds . . .


Two shots rang out

On the last day of December

Her last thirteen words hung

Bitter in the air

She said – I would not trade this year of freedom

For a thousand more with you

And she closed her eyes that shined like diamonds . . .


Yeah, her eyes shined like diamonds

Yeah, her eyes shined like diamonds

The Twelve Days of Butter – Day 9

May 27, 2014      

Today we see footage of HBR playing “Mountain Song” live in Seattle, shot with 6 GoPro cameras. To the right you can listen to the studio track.

Erik wrote this one specifically for the three singers of HBR. Here’s what he had to say about the song’s origins:

“Written in Innsbruck, Austria, a town of many bell-towers, while firmly in awe of both the enormity of the local peaks and the power of relationship. Neither is for the timid, and neither offers any but the most profound rewards.”

MOUNTAIN SONG       Erik Yates

The bells in the towers

the paces on the floor

Are counting down the hours

ʻTil I see you once more

So listen to them closely

Hear what they have to say

Theyʼll tell you every step I take

Brings me back your way


ʻCause Iʼve been up above the treeline,  Iʼve been covered up in snow

Iʼve had plenty of time for thinkinʼ about the way this thing should go

Iʼve been howlinʼ like an avalanche, Iʼve been pullin out my hair

Iʼve been up to the mountaintop, just to breathe the higher air

And it worked its way into my bones, when I let it fill my lungs

Now itʼs blowinʼ me back home, to the place that I come from


The morning stars were shininʼ as I left our tiny bed

But thunderclouds were gathering around my weary head

But thoughts of you came to me with every step I climbed

And among the talus and the scree I found my peace of mind

Now Iʼm flyinʼ down these mountain slopes like so many men before

Iʼm cryinʼ to the wind to push me faster towards your door


I’ve got this mountain song, I’m singing it to you

Cause sometimes doing wrong it the best that I can do

But when I do I know this song is gonna be right here

And there’s a place that I can go to sing it loud and clear

It’s up above the treeline, it’s covered up in snow

It’s the place the only thing a man can sing is what he knows