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Guerilla Bluegrass, Vol. 3.

December 9, 2013      

Here is our latest Guerrilla Bluegrass video. We surprised a gal at a bookshop in Bloomington, IN with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

A Good Week

November 26, 2013      

It’s been a good week. This week HBR: played a good chunk of our current repertoire over 5 shows; met some new friends and fans; played music in a living room for someone in his last days of life; played music in a living room for a new widow; danced til 5am at an underground dance club in Seattle; canoed; sold out two nights; had one night with strangely few people; hatched some new songs; received three cases of Deschutes beer from the brewery’s marketing director whom I met at a Thai restaurant; drove from Bellingham home to the Bay in one day.

I think we’ll put this one in the WIN column. Now home to a chill week with our families and then off to Santa Barbara, SLO, Flagstaff, and Phoenix the next week. -Nat