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The Twelve Days of Butter – DAY 11

May 29, 2014      

Here’s a smokin version of “Every Side of the Coin” from Bend, OR.

You can listen to the studio track to the right. Enjoy!

We’re getting excited about the show tomorrow!


Here’s what composer Aaron Redner had to say about writing this one:

“This song is all about making choices in life and learning to live with those choices. It’s so hard sometimes to know what direction to go. Maintaining a positive attitude through adversity is where it’s at!”


EVERY SIDE OF THE COIN      Aaron Redner

Oh, flip away,
Throw it around, that’s what I say
Oh, let it roll,
Down the street, round the telephone pole,
I’ve seen every side of the coin,
And I don’t fear nothing cause I’ve seen it all before,
Oh, take my hand,
Follow my fingers, all across the land,
Oh, take it slow,
You’ll find your family wherever you go,
You’ll find every side of the coin,
And you won’t fear nothing once you’ve seen it all before,

Heads I’ll take the money tails I’ll let it go, ain’t it all so funny, ah ha honey best to take your chances on love,

Pave your own road, make your bricks, out of solid gold, 
Change your foolish ways,
Bet on the house, it always pays,
Bet on every side of the coin,
Cause you won’t win nothing if you don’t lay your money down,

Heads I’ll pull the trigger,
Tails I’ll let it go,
Always something bigger,
Always more to know,
Start the revolution, spin it all around,
Only one solution, ah-ha honey best to take your chances on love.

The Twelve Days of Butter – Day 10

May 28, 2014      

Here’s a special interview with the band about the writing music for HBR and the creative DNA of the band.

Today’s song is “Diamonds in the Wind,” a seldom-performed Yates gem.

Here’s what composer Erik Yates has to say about this one:

“This came to me more or less fully formed while driving home from a friend’s place on the coast. I was fairly hung-over. The two of us had gotten together at his little beach shack to write songs, but we’d spent most of our evening beering and howling at the moon. Turns out the evening was a success after all – he & I recorded this track a few months later with the Sleeping Giants and HBR recorded it not long after, with a different time signature.”



She spent the first half of her life

Waiting for something to happen

She spent the second half

Wishing it never had

By the time she walked away

Her hair had traded grey for red

But her eyes shined like diamonds

Her eyes shined like diamonds

Her eyes shined like diamonds in the wind


She said I ain’t goin’ back

To that house anymore

I have covered up my last black eye

I have slammed my last back door

That man can keep his bottle

And all the misery within

And her eyes shined like diamonds . . .


He spent the first half of the year

Waiting for her to come back

He spent the second half

Hoping she never would

He spent a long, cold November

Dreaming of the end

Of those eyes that shined like diamonds . . .


She said I haven’t felt this free

Since I was a girl

There’s nothing left for me to fear

In this God-forsaken world

Hunger tastes just like wine

And even’ dyin’ might be a friend

‘Cause I seen him, and his eyes shine like diamonds . . .


Two shots rang out

On the last day of December

Her last thirteen words hung

Bitter in the air

She said – I would not trade this year of freedom

For a thousand more with you

And she closed her eyes that shined like diamonds . . .


Yeah, her eyes shined like diamonds

Yeah, her eyes shined like diamonds