Campfire Singalong (Kid’s album)

Hot Buttered Rum joins Orange Sherbet around a virtual campfire to bring this collection of classic songs that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has roasted marshmallows and watched the flames dance in a fire pit. This collaboration creates rich layers of song and tradition, and it was truly a group effort. Campfire Sing-Along is steeped in the rich sounds of American Roots music, while managing to create a new sound for the campfire sing-along.

1. Campfire Song
2. Ram Sam Sam
3. Crawdad
4. One Man Band
5. Down By The Bay
6. I Love the Mountains
7. Marshmallow
8. Froggy
9. Down By The Banks
10. Frog Went A-Courtin'
11. Make New Friends
12. Bit By Bit
13. Sippin' Cider
14. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain
15. Uncle Sean
16. Sky In Me
17. Skin & Bones
18. Barges
19. Down By The Old Mill Stream
20. My Paddle/Canoe Song
21. Down By The Riverside
22. Hey Ho, Nobody Home!
23. Mr. Moon
24. Shenandoah

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