Ghana boko paa 1999 [DOWNLOAD]

Ghana boko paa 1999 was recorded and produced by Nat Keefe during a five-month trip to Ghana, West Africa. Keefe traveled to the far corners of Ghana to present a diverse selection of traditional and modern music, from the virtuosic xylophone of Rallio Kapakpul, to the groovy dance music of the Muwuli Borborbor Band, to proverbs sung on the famous "talking drum." It should be noted that Ghana boko paa 1999 features some of the last recordings of palmwine highlife guitarist T.O. Jazz before he passed. It was lessons with Jazz that inspired Nat Keefe to cowrite "Limbs Akimbo," the title track of Hot Buttered Rum's new album. Ghana boko paa 1999 also feature's Keefe's early experiments with electronic music, "Water" and "Elmina Dungeons."

1. Homeless
2. Kpanlogo
3. Bewaa Medley
4. Sogtaa
5. Water
6. Kolo Mashi
7. Oboatia Komfo
8. Talking Drum Proverbs
9. Hot Highlife
10. The Zonglo Beats
11. If You Have Millet and Don't Share, You Will Die
12. Elmina Dungeons
13. Goodbye

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