Music for Ordinary Motion

Music for Ordinary Motion is Nat Keefe's college senior composition project, and captures Keefe's expansive and inclusive notion of music. The CD includes a symphony orchestra movement, a string trio, music for modern dance, an a Capella piece, the earliest studio work of Hot Buttered Rum (not available anywhere else!), a guitar/flute duet, a setting of an e.e. cummings poem for female voice, baritone sax, and piano, songs for guitar and voice, and much more. This is a must for the serious fan of Hot Buttered Rum.

1. Windows Without Walls
2. La Poblanita
3. Spouting Violets
4. Bassmaster
5. Five Ways to Cross the Street
i) clean as Key Soap
6. Long Slow Distance
7. The Crest
8. ii) with dysentery
9. Gahu Elegy
10. This Is What Democracy Looks Like
11. iii) cool as Daddy Lumba
12. Rumi
13. iv) in the rain
14. v) with the wrong trousers
15. Twelve String Trio
16. Green Drop

Price: $12.95

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