The Kite and the Key (2016)

The Kite and the Key (2016)

Our fan-supported 3-EP project, featuring three very different sounds of Hot Buttered Rum.  For more detailed info on the making of this very special album, please click here.

Part 1. Produced by Tim Carbone

1. Weary Ways
2. I Wanna Know
3. Maybe I Just Feel That Way
4. First Rodeo
5. So Much
6. You Be the Fiddle

Part 2.  Produced by Sally Van Meter

1. Pig in a Pen
2. Ramshackle Shack on the Hill
3. A Lonesome Night
4. How Mountain Girls Can Love
5. Red Wicked Wine
6. Uncloudy Day

Part 3.  Produced by Kyle Hollingsworth

1. Cherry Lake
2. Music’s Been Good to Me
3. Desert Rat
4. Great Many Things
5. Entangled
6. Middle Country Stars
7. House On the Hill

Currently out of stock in CD format.  The CD is periodically available through CD Baby.

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