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The Kite & the Key: Part 1 is available now!

November 19, 2015      

We’re so stoked that the EP #1 is going out to the ears of our family, friends & fans! We recorded this first 6-song EP in July with Tim Carbone. Hope you enjoy this collection of the darker, earthy side of HBR.

Track Listing for “The Kite & the Key: Part 1”
1 – Weary Ways
2 – I Wanna Know
3 – Maybe I Just Feel That Way
4 – First Rodeo
5 – So Much
6 – You Be the Fiddle

Tonight we finished a six-day session with keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth, the EP #3 that will be released early in the new year. I just got home and I’m buzzing with energy, and slightly exhausted after 10-hour days of concentration.  It’s just the greatest thing in the world to write songs, teach them to your friends, and put them onto tape. Thanks to all of you for making this happen for us, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Goal met! Thank you all!

October 19, 2015      

tab_widthPledge goal met! 102%. Wow, thank you. We’d happily give our music away for free…. but it costs money to produce all this stuff, so we appreciate the financial support on the front end to make it happen. We’re headed into our mixing session with Tim Carbone next week knowing we can complete the project properly. The first release comes out November 13, so stay tuned. Our manager just set the Pledge site so that people can continue to pre-order the album til the release date. Can’t wait to show you the new songs we’ve been working on. Cheers!

-Nat & HBR