Taping, Photography, and Video Policy

Hot Buttered Rum allows and actively encourages non-commercial audio recording and photography of our live performances. With limited exception, we do not allow video recording without express advance approval.


Subject to the conditions below, the following is a summary of Hot Buttered Rum’s Taping, Photography, and Video Policy:

  • audience taping:allowed for non-commercial purposes
  • soundboard taping:very limited availability; upon request only
  • photography:allowed for non-commercial purposes; no-flash
  • video:not allowed without advance permission from the band and venue; short clips on point-and-shoot pocket cameras are allowed


Hot Buttered Rum actively encourages the taping and trading of our live performances for non-commercial purposes. Tapers are encouraged to bring microphones to shows, as soundboard patches cannot be guaranteed and are available only upon express advance consent. Taping inquiries should be directed to tapers@hotbutteredrum.net.

Hot Buttered Rum also encourages tapers and other fans to trade recordings of our performances, through physical media or online file transfer. Regardless of expenses incurred, no money may ever be exchanged as part of a trade. B&Ps (blanks & postage) are allowed. For more information about downloading and trading Hot Buttered Rum shows, please visit our community page.

Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution of Hot Buttered Rum recordings is strictly forbidden. All Hot Buttered Rum performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Hot Buttered Rum, and Hot Buttered Rum reserves all rights thereto. The rights to record Hot Buttered Rum performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, trading, and/or file transfers on a case specific or general basis. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended. If you are aware of any person or site in violation of this policy, please notify us at tapers@hotbutteredrum.net.


Hot Buttered Rum allows still photography of its performances. Flash photography is not allowed, however. We ask that photographers be mindful and respectful of others enjoying our performances. If you have any pictures that you would like to share with the band (for display on our site, use on live CD covers, or for other promotional purposes), please send them to fans@hotbutteredrum.net.


Hot Buttered Rum allows video (live picture recording on camcorders or professional equipment) only upon the express advance approval of the band and venue. The band does allow fans to record short live video clips using point-and-shoot pocket cameras, however. Any inquiries regarding video taping should be directed to tapers@hotbutteredrum.net.