Goal met! Thank you all!

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Summer into Fall

We are going to many places this summer. However we’re not getting to the Midwest much until the Fall. Team Butter is announcing our run of Fall festivals and club dates Sept 23-27, going on sale this week. Make plans! See you soon! A highlight of this year was playing a sold out Fillmore in … [Read more…]

Go Time

It’s go-time for Butter. Lots of places to go. We had a good time in Alabama and Arkansas last weekend. Tonight is a cool benefit concert at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley on Tuesday. Yosemite this weekend with our old friends at the Mountain Sage. We’re fired up for our premiere at the LOHI festival … [Read more…]

Spring CA Run + SEVA Show

The days are getting longer and we are gearing up for run of spring-into-summer shows. Next week we go through a few of our favorite towns. May 15th we hit SOHO in Santa Barbara and on the 16th we play Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz. Our friends The Coffis Brothers will be opening both those … [Read more…]